Our clients value achieving connection and trust as an outcome of the coaching process.

After working with WinsCoaching, they feel empowered and confident.

Fabiola Riveros, public sector

I work in the public sector while also volunteering at CISV Chile.  I came to WinsCoaching because political and social turmoil experienced by Chileans opened up a world of personal, family and community issues I found emotionally difficult to deal with. Sessions with WinsCoaching allowed me to reframe the events I lived through to enable closure and to advance my personal and professional development.

The sessions with WinsCoaching were professional and my confidence continuously grew. I greatly appreciate their support.

Lucía Paola Burgos, Technology

I came to WinsCoaching as I was starting a new position – Digital Transformation Manager – and needed to adapt to this new role.  Their help and contribution was enormous, and I appreciated their wisdom, knowledge and coaching experience. Each session contained action plans and exercises that helped me in my learning to be adaptable.  I apply these skills both personally and professionally. After changing jobs again, I am grateful to WinsCoaching for their further support. I feel very fortunate I met them.  I loved the experience at WinsCoaching. 

I recommend them 100%.  I also appreciate their trust in me. 

Thank you.


Alexis Alvarez, Mining

I find in a work environment full of challenges and opportunities, I think that is positive, I am a passionate man for continuous changing in current times.  I ask myself how to deal with the change in our current times, how to manage this reinvention today, personal and with my teamwork.

I came to WinsCoaching, due to my confidence in the coach’s ability to understand from cognitive point of view my thinking and the way I communicate with my teams, leaving aside the technical skills, because I am convinced that the changes are generated by people.  I found the necessary tools to generate the change that I was looking for as well as for personal development. As we proceeded with the work sessions, many things began to make sense to me, the ideas and priorities began to be sorted, and I started getting self-confidence in choosing and believing into the ways and choices I was electing to follow. I am sure that my ways could be full of errors but the errors could be transformed into the opportunities. I felt so good, that I took another package of sessions where I found myself, the passion, and connection with the challenges.  To summarise, each leader has his/her own potential.  I focused in the best that I can do and achieved the multiplier effect.  I thank to my coach for her dedication, passion, openness, support and for being part of the search for the path of change.

Ariadne Nardeli, Technology

The coaching process helped me to see my day-today challenges in a different way, going out from “the eye of the storm” to completer and more in-depth analysis.  I was able to reflect and face complex situations in more mature and informed way, especially when making decisions. It was and has been a great process of self-discovery.