Our approach

At WinsCoaching, Consulting & Coaching, we facilitate empowerment of individuals and teams.

We reaching full awareness and compassion and compassion (Mindfulness) to enable constant connectivity between individuals, organisations and the community. 

Our Team

María Cecilia Piña Yancovic

Founder, Executive Coach and Corporate Consultant


Cecilia is highly respected in the industry for effective coaching, leadership and change management. She works with corporate clients and individuals, passionately helping them find their purpose and achieve meaningful changes in their lives. Cecilia is a lecturer at the University of Adolfo Ibañez teaching courses for the Diploma of Leadership – Coaching and Organisational Coaching Certification program. Previously, she was a senior manager of a multinational bank where she led teams of various sizes, and was closely involved in design and facilitation of employee management training programs in cultural change, sales skills and communication. Cecilia also contributes to the community through training volunteers for non-profit organisations and charities. Qualifications • Corporate Coach – Adolfo Ibañez University, Santiago, Chile • Diploma of Leadership and Coaching - Adolfo Ibañez University, Santiago, Chile • Accountant & Auditor – del Mar University, Antofagasta, Chile

Carla Macchiavello Cárdenas

Executive and Organisational Coach


Carla is recognised for her skills in practice of Mindfulness, leadership and change management She helps her clients expand their skills, awareness, and confidence, working to change their lives. She teaches Diploma of Leadership and Organisational Coaching Certification courses at the Adolfo Ibañez University Business School, as well as in their Executive MBA program. She is also a trainer at Great Place to Work. Qualifications: • Certified Life Coach – The Newfield Network • Certified Team Coach - European Coaching School • Diploma of Strategic Leadership - Adolfo Ibañez University • Diploma of Relational Mindfulness • Degree in Engineering – Valparaíso University

Jaime Peirano Arancibia

Executive Coach, Teams and Corporate Training Consultant


Jaime has more than 30 years’ experience in senior executive positions within public, corporate and international institutions throughout South America. Being experienced in strategic redesign, Jaime is passionate about organisational change to achieve their vision and mission. Qualifications: • Master of Occupational Safety & Health – Turin University, Italy • Diploma in Corporate Governance - Catholic University of Chile • Beyond Coach Team Power Diploma - Life Coach Newfield Network, Mexico • Certified Organisational Coach - Adolfo Ibañez University • Diploma in Strategic Leadership - Adolfo Ibañez University • Magister of Health Management - University of Chile • Civil Engineer - University of Chile